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About the Tempest

The Tempest is a sport keelboat with a crew of 2 people, designed by Ian Proctor in 1965, very modern in shape and sailed across Europe (GER, SUI, GBR, NL & FRA), USA (Los Angeles) and AUS. Many regattas are organized and you are welcome to join, using one of our charter boats if needed.

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Rules and forms

Access to the rules of the Association, Class, World Championship and to useful forms

Charter boat

We have a charter boat available, stored at Wagingsee (Germany). You can contact us to book it.

Boats for sale

If you are wanting to join the tempest family or just change your boat

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1972 Keil, West Germany

SR-1 ◆ Valentin Mankin – Vitalii Drydyra
K-60 ◆ Alan Warren – David Hunt
US-225 ◆ Glen Foster – Peter Dean

1976 Kingston, Canada

S-13 ◆ John Albrechtson – Ingvar Hanssonn
SR-1 ◆ Valentin Mankin – Vladimir Akimenko
US-318 ◆ Dennis Conner – Conn Findlay