World Championships St Raphael, France 26 August - 03 September

1 Cornelia & Ruedi Christen/ SUI 1122
2 Christian Spranger & Christopher Kopp GER 1128
3 Frank Weigelt & Christian Rusitschka GER 1087

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The Eurocup is go to the Eurocup page to see the rules.

Eurocup Results (Provisional)


Stefan Erlacher & Peter Sippel (GER 1149) take the tile at Simssee

A wonderful Tempest season start in St Raphaël

Shortly after the first race of the year in Simsee (11 boats) , 15 boats were expected in St Raphaël. Although at least one team from Germany was expected, no one showed up… “les absents ont toujours tort” (“those who are not present are always wrong “ as we say in French). So to be forgiven, no other solution to be the largest delegation from foreign countries at the coming worlds ! (and remember to make your reservations for accommodation now, see We had 9 races in light to medium winds with stronger waves on the last days, and our friends Cornelia & Ruedi (1st on final ranking) again demonstrated how they master the complex conditions to win 9 races out of 9, and 4th in the “less good” one. Amazing speed, good control of competitors, quickly back in the first boats even with a missed start..(individual recall)…. a festival J. Just behind our President Manfred & his crew Bernd tested his new boat which appeared immediately to be well born: “Va Pensiero II” was never ranked above 3rd (3 times), and won race 4, being 2nd in all other races. Agnes & Patrice used their speed on the reach legs with their speed under spinnaker to rank 3rd on the podium and won race 10 beautifully. Marc & Jean – Marie (4th on general) were happy to confirm their progress in the Tempest series, with a good speed (preferably in heavier winds) and a last race with a place of 2nd. It must be said that this regatta was a ROUANET family one: in addition to Patrice & Agnes, Louis (their elder son) was ranked 5, Patrice’s brother Denis & his son Adrien are 6th, while Alys (daughter of Agnes & Patrice) ranked 10 even being DNC on day 1 and they achieved a honorable 4th place in race A special congratulation to Michael & Peter on SUI1138 ,; who sailed for the first time on the great big sea in St Raphaël/. They take the 7th final place with a good race (3rd in the race 4, and no place above 6th): a very good start !

International Tempest

50 Years of Tempest

In 2015 the Tempest celebrated the 50th year since Ian Proctor built the first Tempest for the Olympic trials and is still a great boat to race and have fun in.

The International Tempest Association have published this document [TEMPEST: 50th anniversary]

English Version German Version

The Tempest is a one design two man high performance keelboat with a trapeze.  It was designed by Ian Proctor for the 1965 trials for the new Olympic Keelboat, which it won convincingly.

The class has since progressed with the times, including a new deck and cockpit layout and changing the construction from GRP to a foam sandwich. In the last few years the rules have allowed a bigger spinnaker, longer spinnaker pole and the use of epoxy resin in the construction of the hull.

Boats for Sale

If you are wanting to join the tempest family or just change your boat the link below is the latest list of boats for sail

[Boats for Sale]