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Strong winds in St. Raphael

The first event is in the books! The south coast of France: summer sun and rose wine. The simple life. That’s how we’ve always had it the last few years when we went to saint raphael for the first event of the year at easter. But this year had something different in store for us. Very strong winds with gusts of over 30 knots and a very changeable and challenging wave. The three days demanded a lot from our teams. You could also spot some capsizing from time to time. All in all, it was once again a challenging, but fast and great start to the new season – good training for the next event: Lake Garda. Many thanks to the whole team from the Club Nautique de Saint Raphaël and Patrice & Agnes who made it all possible for us. See you next year!

Many thanks to Niklas (1127) for the report!


🥇 Kujan / Morgenstern

🥈 Desfond / Ricciardi

🥉 Durach / Wördehoff