Viva Le Donna Prize

Best placed all-women team at the World Championship.

1988 Spiez, Switzerland (GER) Angela Rautenberg and Angela Stenger
1989 Malcesine, Italy Not Awarded
1990 Medemblik, Netherlands (GER) Angela Rautenberg and Ina Bähr
1991 St. Gilgen, Austria Not Awarded
1992 Balatonfured, Hungary Not Awarded
1993 Warnemunde, Germany ??
1994 Brunnen, Switzerland Not Awarded 
1995 Medemblik, Netherlands Not Awarded 
1996 Villach, Austria (SUI) Cécile Fonti and Verena Brändli
1997 Hartlepool, England Not Awarded
1998 Malcesine, Italy Not Awarded
1999 St. Raphael, France Not Awarded
2000 Travemunde, Germany Not Awarded
2001 Malcesine, Italy Not Awarded
2002 Brigthon, England (SUI) Verena Brändli and Claire-Lise Luginbühl
2003 Grandson, Switzerland (SUI) Verena Brändli and Magalie Nussbaumer
2004 La Rochelle, France (SUI) Verena Brändli and Magalie Nussbaumer
2005 Atersee, Austria Not Awarded
2006 Fort Du France, Martinique (FRA) Regine Pam and Evelyne Leclerq
2007 Warnemunde, Germany (SUI) Verena Brändli and Stefanie Reichert
2008 Weymouth, England (GBR) Caron Budden and Sarah Keeley
2009 Spiez, Switzerland (SUI) Verena Brändli and Stefanie Reichert
2010 Hoorn, Netherlands Not Awarded
2013 Travemunde, Germany (SUI) Pamela Kaltenbach And Sonja Schuster