Riva Del Garda Trophy

Half-model of the second ever built tempest 25th anniversary Medemblik 1990 by Bent Julin – Vice Commodore
Winners of race 6

1970 Quiberon, France (USA) Bruce Falconer and Bruce Dyson
1971 Marstrand, Sweden (NED) Ben Staartjes and Cees Kurpershoek
1972 Olympic Year No Championships
1973 Naples, Italy (NED) Ben Staartjes and Cees Kurpershoek
1974 Medemblik, Netherlands (ITA) Gian piero Dotti and Francessco Sibello
1975 Association Island, NY, USA (SWE) John Albrechtson and Ingvar Hasson
1976 Olympic Year No Championships
1977 Stromstead, Sweden (SWE) John Albrechtson and Ingvar Hansson
1978 Castelletto, Italy (GER) Peter Twelkmeyer and Jochen Schuhmacher
1979 Hayling Island, England (GER) Rolf Bähr and Wolf Stadler
1980 Medemblik, Netherlands  Not Awarded
1981 No Championships No Championships
1982 Seebruck, West Germany Not Awarded
1983 Weymouth, England (GER) Sepp Höss and Dieter Klarmann
1984 Portoroz, Yugoslavia (GER) Falk Greve and Gerhard Albrecht
1985 Medemblik, Netherlands (GER) Alexander Eckert and Peter Kern
1986 St. Gilgen, Austria (GER) Klaus Rösch and Max Reichert jun. 
1987 Portoroz, Yugoslavia Not Awarded
1988 Spiez, Switzerland Not Awarded 
1989 Malcesine, Italy (GER) Klaus Rösch and Max Reichert jun. 
1990 Medemblik, Netherlands (GER) Christian Schäfer and Hansjörg Schäfer 
1991 St. Gilgen, Austria (USA) David McComb and Elmar Schwarz
1992 Balatonfured, Hungary Not Awarded  
1993 Warnemunde, Germany ?
1994 Brunnen, Switzerland Not Awarded  
1995 Medemblik, Netherlands (GER) Peter Ringmaier and Mike Knobloch 
1996 Villach, Austria (GER)Christian Braune and Mike Knobloch   
1997 Hartlepool, England (GER) Klaus Rösch and Max Reichert jun. 
1998 Malcesine, Italy Not Awarded
1999 St. Raphael, France (GER) Klaus Rösch and Max Reichert jun.
2000 Travemunde, Germany (GER) Rolf Bähr and Thomas Olbrich
2001 Malcesine, Italy (SUI) Werner Meier and Alfred Geisser 
2002 Brigthon, England (GER) Rolf Bähr and Thomas Olbrich 
2003 Grandson, Switzerland Not Awarded 
2004 La Rochelle, France (GER) Christian Schafer and Andreas Mader
2005 Atersee, Austria (GER) Christian Schafer and Frank Weigelt 
2006 Fort Du France, Martinique (FRA) Phillipe Boite and  Regis Viateur
2007 Warnemunde, Germany (FRA) Phillipe Boite and  Regis Viateur
2008 Weymouth, England (GER) Christian Schafer and Andreas Mader 
2009 Spiez, Switzerland (SUI) Stephan Fels and Timo Naef
2010 Hoorn, Netherlands (FRA) Philippe Boite and Régis Viateur
2011 Ebensee, Austria (GER) Michael Schmohl and Ralph Ostertag
2012 Quiberon, France (GER) Christian Schafer and Christian Rusitschka
2013 Travemunde, Germany (GER) Frank Weiglt and Arne Lanatowitz
2014 Lake Como, Italy Not Awarded
2015 Brunnen, Switzerland (SUI) Mario Suter and Andreas Hochuli
2016 Classic Cowes Week, England