Winners of Race 8

Wander Throphy

2004 La Rochelle, France (GER) Christian Schäfer and Andreas Mader
2005 Atersee, Austria Not Awarded
2006 Fort Du France, Martinique (FRA) Phillipe Boite and  Régis Viateur
2007 Warnemunde, Germany (GER) Jörg Fleischer and  Michael Starck
2008 Weymouth, England (GER) Frank Weigelt and Christian Rusitsch 
2009 Spiez, Switzerland (FRA) Phillipe Boite and  Régis Viateur
2010 Hoorn, Netherlands (GER) Frank Weigelt and Chritian Rusitschka
2011 Ebensee, Austria (GER) Christian Schäfer and Christian Rustika
2012 Quiberon, France (SUI) Mario Suter and Andreas Hochuli
2013 Travemunde, Germany (GER) Stefan Erlacher and Christian Wohrer
2014 Lake Como, Italy Not Awarded
2015 Brunnen, Switzerland (GER) Christian Spranger and Christopher Kopp
2016 Classic Cowes Week, England