Hoorn 2010

22nd August

The day of the practice race. The weather is good, cloudy but a nice temperature and the wind between 18 and 20 knots, so very good for a nice race. 35 boats on the start for the first race, starting at 14.00 hours, two boats started to early so they got an OCS, pity? The France rounded as first boat buoy 1, and they holding there position till the end of the race. After the France 26 other boats did finished, it was a very nice day for a practice race. Back in the harbour, the official opening of the World Championship took place and there was a lot of beer , wine and fun .

23rd August

Today the real thing. This day started with rain and not just rain but I mean RAIN. But the Dutch are used to rain so the comity left the harbour full of optimism with the Voorzitter B and on our tail ( wake) 34 sailors in there Tempest boats. The first start was planned at 11.00 hours, the wind between 16 and 20 knots but 10 Min before the start we received a Gail warning on the radio, wind 7 Beaufort and later on gusts from 45 knots that’s about 9 Beaufort so the race-officer decided to break it of because there was no progress in the weather forecast today. This was a big disappointment for us, but especially for the sailors which were anxious to sail the races. But you know we want to take very good care of our sailors and keep the material in good condition. Today we only had some light damage and our rescue team helped two boats into the the Harbour. We hope tomorrow the weather will be better so we can sail, because that's why we are here for. More news tomorrow.

24th August

No rain today, even some sun, but still a lot of wind, between 22 and 26 knots. The weather forecast told us more wind later today and perhaps a thunderstorm in the evening. So the race-officer decided to go out and sail one or two races today. 33 boats came to the start and they started perfectly, but unfortunately the wind was to strong for some boats so they had to retired, (what a pity!) Some hoisted there Spinnakers, it was very nice to see but for several boats the wind was to strong and one lost his Spinnaker, and an other boat lost his mainsail. Because of some material damage we sailed only one race today. The weather forecast for tomorrow, promised less wind so we do hope we can sail two or more nice races. The winner of race 1: first place for the France boat with sail number 1182,

26th August 

We begin this day with yesterday- evening, because we have to thank Vladimier and Sanja for a marvellous Captains-dinner, chapeua. And at the dinner there were also some lady's in there beautiful national costumes very nice. Race 5, very cloudy and some rain not so much wind today, between 13 and 16 knots. It was a good start and a very quiet race Germany sail-number 1087 the first boat who rounded mark one and he held that position till the end again a first place. Gratuliert. Race 6. Before the start-signal three boats over the line, and yes one of the favourite boats Germany 1087 started to early so he and two other boats got an OCS. The other favourite the France boat sail-number 1182 rounded as first mark one, and also he held this position till the finish again a first place. ( s felicitations). Tomorrow already the last day, and it is very exciting who is going to win this World Championship, only 1 point difference between the France an the German boat. So who is going to win? We will find out tomorrow.

27th August 

27th of August, today the last day, who will be the new World Champion Tempest 2010? Race 7, the weather is very bad it's raining cat and dogs, wind between 15 and 20 knots that's not to bad. The first boat round mark one, France 1182 they held this position and took again the first place. This is very exiting for the final score because after race 7 France 1182 was leader with2 point. But there was a race 8, a very careful start no risk , less wind and some light spots in the air. Germany sail-number 1088 first boat rounded mark one, it is a nice race to watch. First place race 8 again for 1087 Germany. Final score after race 8, because of the second discard we have a new World Champion Germany 1087. (Gratuliert). Also I will give my compliments to all sailors because I did understood most of you are not used to this weather circumstances. (chapeau). After the ceremonies the Dutch will give the Tempest flag to Austria, because next year there will be hold the World-Championship Tempest 2111. And not to forget our thanks to the sailors and everyone who made this World- Championship possible. Drive carefully home.


1. GER 1087, Frank Weigelt and Christian Rusitsch 8 points

2. FRA 1182 , Philippe Boite and Reges Viateur 8 points

3. GER  1088 , Bertold Beahr and Andreas Greif 20 points

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